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Few Words About us Our story started in 2006 ..

We had a start-up idea in mind. We were going to publish a lifestyle magazine, Bursa Elite, which was not found much in Bursa at that time. The idea came out of one of the most famous sitcom shows of the time. Of course, when there was a start-up involved, a launch time also had to be determined. Our entire plan was to sell the magazine to an investor when it reached 2 years of publication. That magazine became the best selling magazine of Bursa, it also got chosen as the best magazine of the year by Uludağ University. Subsequently, the name and publishing rights of the magazine were sold as planned.

Later on, we decided to do this job more professionally by taking the trainings of this profession, so that we would be able to provide branding and institutionalization solutions for the corporations. While we were studying, we realized that we had a great passion for this field, it was such a passion that it started with learning and continued with teaching. Over time, we were invited to give lectures and symposiums on Brand Management and Brand Communication at Uludağ University and Maltepe University for 3 years.

In our adventure that started as a start-up idea in 2006, we transformed dozens of companies to national brands from scratch. Every brand candidate was our baby, we helped them to grow up with their downfalls while crawling, mistakes they made, and external reactions. We have provided corporate communication consultancy to some companies, but not only consultancy on how the small companies can be transformed into corporate structures. We also worked with the teams in the operation, intervened in all errors on-site and completed the process by collaborating in all details such as the recruitment of personnel.

In 2017, we were now owners of our own office building and started to deepen our roots. We started to think through how we can produce better projects in our new peaceful working environment since we were looking at the future with more hope now.

Then we started thinking about how we can extend our work to Europe. When we received the first e-mail from Denmark, our happiness and excitement could not be expressed in words. A brand based in Denmark had chosen us for brand and process management in Turkey operations. Then we made a similar collaboration for with company based in Germany. The moment we believed that we reached our goal was taking over the entire branding process from scratch.

In the past, brand communication was only one-sided, a media planning was only telling what the brand would want to say to its target audience in traditional media channels, and no customer feedback was received. In other words, “communication” could not take place, it would only remain as a monologue. Today and in the future, brand communication is now two-sided, which is, when the brand says something to its target audience, it can get a feedback in return. For this reason, we prepare the digital campaigns of our brands by acting with the awareness that digital communication is the most important communication channel of brands with their target audience.

Therefore, you can trust us for the internal and external communication of your brand with peace of mind. We both have professional and theoretical expertise in the field, and also instructive…


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